Company Profile


PT.CINTYA was founded in 1990, which initiated from a screen printing business. On the following year, PT Cintya has added its equipment, a small offset printing machine. To date, PT Cintya has grown and become one of the big printing companies in Bali that’s using feed sheet printing machine.

PT Cintya which is located in Denpasar initially focused on printing services for tourism business customers, such as travel agents, hotels, restaurants and other business alike. Over the time, PT Cintya is also providing printing services to customers from various sectors of industry, like media industry, advertising, publishing, banking, government, telecommunications and humanitarian foundations.

In carrying out its production, PT Cintya prioritizes the best quality by sticking to punctuality.

Our company motto is “YOU NEED QUALITY, URGENT, Come to Us.” The motto describes the vision of our company to serve customers.

With the support of more than 40 passionate, inspiring and highly dedicated professional staff, we offer our optimal services with realistic values, including planning / implementation of the designs and project organization.

With the support of our production equipment and one-stop-services, from the pre-press, printing and finishing processes, we offer our customers the fast and efficient process with maximum results.

Our printing machines we use to support our production are:

  1. 4 colors Speed Master 102 VP Heidelberg offset printing machine
  2. 4 colors Speed Master 102-4-P3 Heidelberg years 2005
  3. 4 colors 1/2 plano size Heidelberg offset printing machine

And other supporting machines are:

  1. ORIS printing machine for digital proof
  2. CTP machine Kodak Trendsetter 800
  3. Cuting machine
  4. Stitching machine
  5. Binding machine
  6. Folding machine
  7. Pond machine

Our aim in performing our business is to give the offer you the best printing solution, the best service for our clients and high quality outputs.