Pree Press

Prepress or precast is an all digital process in preparing the print design using a computer device, which starts from raw data to the design ready for printing.

Graphics software that is often used in melayout a design that is: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign, Macromedia Freehand, QuarkExpress and others.

Stage Design layout
There are several things that need to be considered at the design include:
A. Raw files from the Client
1. Check the completeness of the data brought by the client
2. If missing, check whether the image resolution is good (300 dpi)
3. Request info:
- The size of finished books / flyers that will be created
- Paper that will be used and its thickness.
- Finishing the desired (UV, Doff, Spot Colour, etc.)
4. Starting to design (CMYK format)
- Format used to print desian yaiyu CMYK
- Use design 300 dpi resolution
- For text color using the color cultivated to a minimum, and for black text using color only black 100%
- For black background with the color blocks, so natinya look when it prints solid black color try composition: C = 60%, M =
60%, Y = 60% K = 100%
- Create a design size larger than the size of the finished file (bleed design)
For example, so the file size: 10 x 15 cm, the size designnya at least 10, 5 x 15.5 cm
5. Create Print Out for kapada client intended to ask the ACC

B. When There’s Design From Client
1. Resolution Check the file to bring the client is already printed and make sure the standard CMYK format
2. Check the completeness of the contents of the file with a print out which brought the client
Pay attention to what there is misingfont or fonts that have not been there in converting and completeness of the picture links.
3. If there is no print out from the client, create a print out from the client to ask ACC
4. Note the file size, what already exists more than the size would, if not, add
5. Ask Finishing in want (what there is in the doff, Spot UV, Laminating glozy etc.)

Oris Proof Machine Stylus Pro 9800
This printer is one of the supporting equipment to maximize our service to clients. This machine has a print area of ??Plano and has been in the calibration with the printing machines at our disposal, so the results are printed as a guide for our operators.
This printer can help the operators (in particular machine 1 WRN) because it can remove the color with a separate color.
Stage Layout Movies
1. Convert all existing text, to avoid missing fonts
2. Then set the entire design with the size of the print paper will be used
3. Check what are the files that could use a spot color
4. Create sharps Cut Files with a minimum length of 25 millimeters and thickness of 0.25 points
5. Make sure the sharps Cut file already COLOUR REGISTRATION (for sharp cut on each sheet of film (CMYK)
6. Colour Bar must also be completed with a text CMYK, because it is very necessary in Montas, plate, and print.
7. Check the accuracy of alternating settings file.
8. If in a set of movie files and there are several different colors, Consultation with a print operator to adjust the layout of the file.
9. To Rasteran film depends on the type of paper that will be used for printing.

Film output
Film is a medium data applications made by a designer before going to press. So the operator is the application of films made by a designer of data before it went to print on media that form films. Usually a film operator after receiving the data in the form of a file from a designer should check / re-check the file in accordance with the proofs (print samples).

Things that must be audited by an operator antaralain films are:
1. Sharps (secant)
2. Register
3. Color bar (color guide)
4. Completeness of text and images in accordance with the proof

In PT Cintya, film machine (imagesetters) is used Avantra 44 S.
The advantage of this 44S avantra machine is:


  1. Have a very large print size is 90 x 103 cm. This machine uses an online processor which means it can wash / print the film on its own or have the system automatically, so make time to become more efficient.
  2. Machine has two take-up cassette which can be filled with a different film sizes
  3. The resolution generated by the engine is avantra 44S 1200,1800,2400,3600 dpi, which is the dpi (dot per inch) is the unit of measure to measure the sharpness of an image. And the resolution used is 3600 dpi, because the higher the resolution the better the image quality of the mold.
  4. Raster used in the machine avantra 44S is 35-200 LPI (Line Per Inch). What is meant by the LPI is a measure to determine the raster on Film

Plate Maker

Plate maker is one part of the printing process after the film was completed. There are several things that need to be considered include:

1. Check registers, drawing, writing, page position behind the back and one in the film is in accordance with the proof.
2. The film received then examined whether it is necessary in a montage or not.
The definition of montage is preparing several movies into one part or two parts into one piece, especially for large prints, but a small movie.
3. The film received cleaned with film cleaner
4. Film mounted on the plate, in which case each different machine anleknya (anlek is a minimum limit to the edge of the plate paskres film)
a. To Speed ??Master anlek used: 4.5 cm from the outside crunch
b. For M. Offset anlek used: 5 cm from the outside crunch
c. To Oliver anlek used: 6 cm from the outside crunch
d. To Rioby anlek used: 3.5 cm from the outside crunch
e. To store anlek used: 3 cm from the outside crunch
a. All sizes above anlek it is to mold BBS (Alternating-Back All), BBL (Alternating Turn the Other Plate).
b. Special to mold the BBB (alternating-Back Buttocks Paper) we must know the size of paper to be printed because this measure we use anlek (Movie position) we take the middle of the paper.
5. For the film in terms behind the buttocks must know first the size of the paper would be printed, because in this case anlek not the same, there must be a certain size so that the printing time is not too difficult to find the center of the picture you want printed.

Vacuum Machine Plate / Plate Maker

This vacuum process will determine the thickness and average at least raster printing process. Because if hygiene films on irradiation temperature vacuum flate plate and this will affect the mean is not stable raster that will be attached to the plate so that the mold be not good.
Plate Maker Machine Work Systems

1. platmakker plate placed on the table and in the press
2. Before the machine is turned on, make sure the cleanliness of the glass and the plate is always awake
3. Once live, the machine will work automatically
4. Down for working with a time of 60 seconds
5. Irradiation performed within 50 seconds
6. After irradiation machine automatically turns itself
7. Plate ready taken and washed

Plate Processor

This machine is used to process automatically after washing the plate in vacuum. With this tool, wash the plate can be faster and certainly with better results.

How it Works Plate Processor Machine

1. Plate placed on the table plate processor, and the table is already there sensors that function to run the rolls of the machine automatically.
2. Plate will pass depelover mixture, water and gum (old washing 1-2 minutes and can be hard depending on whether the mixture velocity depelover)
3. Once the plate has been passed to the three parts on the engine plate processor, then the plate is ready went to press