We will provide the information that the client needs, ranging from offering competitive prices, receiving and checking the completeness of the file to the next to the proofing process until later ready for the printing process.


salesSales and Price

Customer may request a price quote by email, telephone, or by coming directly to the office of PT. Cintya by providing specifications mold to be made, such as paper materials used, size, number of pages, color, number of order, and finishing in want (Doff, Emboss, Spot UV, Hot print, etc.).
We will be happy to help you provide the information needed and of course at competitive prices.


Once the file is received from the customer, the design will be checking back on the completeness of your files, such as the completeness of the image links, fonts, bleed, and others. When it is complete, proceed to process froofing (reference print) which will be checked again by the client.
After froofing in acc (signed) client, the design will set the layout to the plate, by adjusting the position of the file in order to facilitate the process of printing and finishing.

mesin-proofbsrProof machine Oris Stylus Pro 9800
This proofing printer has a print area of 110 cm and the color has been adjusted to the printing machines that we have. Client will look back and check whether the results of the color proofing and text a picture has been as expected.
If so, the client will sign the proofing and printing guidelines will be used by our operators
mesin-ctp-kclMachine CTP (Computer To Plate)

PT. Cintya have been using the latest engine plate (no more environmentally friendly films) using KODAK A 800 platesetter machine made in Germany with a capacity reaching 36 plate sheets / hour (one-time printing plate machine requires 1 set consisting of 4 sheets of plate).

Rasternya capabilities with a resolution of 4800 x 200 dpi / LPI and raster sensor can read up to 1%, so the color will be printed as thin as any. Set plate intended for 4 color CMYK printing on the machine: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. A set of maximum plate can print with optimal results up to 80,000 times the print.