With the tool support instruments or complete finishing under one roof, allowing performance to be faster and on time with good results.


mesinpotongDigital Cutting Machine
This machine can cut the large sheet of paper (1 plano) and is capable of cutting up to 1mm with good precision because it uses a digital system that is automated through sensors up more time and energy efficient in its operation.
mesinpotong2Cutting Machine
All prints are usually entered into the process of this machine. The purpose of this deduction is to split the printout into multiple sections if there are multiple objects in a single (design) print paper or just trim the edges.
mesinlipat2Large Folding Machines
This folding machine has a blade which has the advantage of all kinds of paper can be folded, especially for folding work book or book blocks. Only, large or small folded sheets in the same tempo. Therefore, motion machine motion tied with a folding knife that moves up and down.
mesinlipatbesarSmall Folding Machines
Fold this machine can fold size fold half plano with good accuracy so that the slope of the folds can be minimized.
mesin-bookLem bundar cintya printingMachine Block Glue 1
This machine is equipped with bottom glue, side glue, creasing, and clamping. Creasing and clamping time on the cover of the book can be adjusted to achieve maximum results. Equipped with electrical components to ensure the stability of the machine.
mesinblocklemMachine Block Glue 2
This machine can glue tome using hot glue adhesive technology that can mengelemdengan minimum thickness of 3 mm to 1 cm in good quality. This machine is equipped with bottom glue, side glue, creasing, and clamping on the cover of the book can be set to achieve maximum results.
mesinsticingMachine Sticing
This machine is a model of semi-automatic and has a very strong head stitching and durable semi-electronic system to adopt to maintain accuracy even with high speed.
mesinplongMachine Plong
This machine is equipped with automatic digital control and safety system that is faster and safer in the production process. This machine has a pond area of 90 x 70 cm and is equipped with a timer.