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cintya bali printing building

Cintya Bali Printing Building

Bali Printing is a printing services that provided by cintya bali printing with customers from various sectors of industry. PT.CINTYA was founded in 1990, which initiated from a screen printing business.


On the following year, PT Cintya has added its equipment, a small offset printing machine. After that, PT Cintya has grown and become one of the big printing companies in Bali that’s using feed sheet printing machine.


PT Cintya which is located in Denpasar initially focused on printing services for tourism business customers, such as travel agents, hotels, restaurants and other business alike.


Over the time, PT Cintya is also providing printing services to customers from various sectors of industry, like media industry, advertising, publishing, banking, government, telecommunications and humanitarian foundations.

Bali Printing Supporting Facilities

Support production printing tools that cintya bali printing have, from the initial process of pre-printing, printing, and finishing under one roof enables work processes quickly with maximum results can be obtained by customers. Cintya bali printing machines  to support bali printing production are:


Printing Production Process



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